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McFarland-Dworsky Documents

McFarland 2015 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_59291.pdf
9/17/2015McFarland Dworsky
2014 Annual Soil Cover Inspection-McFarland_56490.pdf
11/13/2014McFarland Dworsky
Monitoring Well Sealing Report to MDA_56025.pdf
7/7/2014McFarland Dworsky
Monitoring Well Sealing Report to MPCA_56024.pdf
7/6/2014McFarland Dworsky
2013 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_55370.pdf
10/11/2013McFarland Dworsky
email-MPCA responds to SAAC follow up Parkside_55410.pdf
9/26/2013McFarland Dworsky
Email-MPCA responds to SAAC questions_50382.pdf
3/27/2013McFarland Dworsky
Monitoring Well Sealing Record-to MDA_49427.pdf
11/28/2012McFarland Dworsky
Monitoring Well sealing record-to MPCA_49425.pdf
11/27/2012McFarland Dworsky
MDA approves 2012 Well abandonment_49750.pdf
11/13/2012McFarland Dworsky
MPCA approves Well abandonment_49751.pdf
11/13/2012McFarland Dworsky
email-Shoreham Yard-Parkside site-MPCA and MDA_49565.pdf
11/8/2012McFarland Dworsky
email to MPCA-Evaluation of Parkside Site_47457.pdf
8/8/2012McFarland Dworsky
2012 Annual Site Inspection letter_49281.pdf
7/31/2012McFarland Dworsky
email-Supplemental Data to 2011 Plume Stability_48228.pdf
3/29/2012McFarland Dworsky
Request for No Further Action for Groundwater_47344.pdf
3/29/2012McFarland Dworsky
2011 Annual Inspection Letter report_45344.PDF
2/14/2012McFarland Dworsky
Plume Stability Demonstration Report_44607.PDF
9/1/2011McFarland Dworsky
Copy of PHA that was sent through US Mail (38968)_38968.PDF
7/28/2010McFarland Dworsky
MPCA conditional approval of MNA- Plume Stabiltyi (38839)_38839.PDF
6/18/2010McFarland Dworsky
Public Health Assessment (40155)_40155.PDF
6/3/2010McFarland Dworsky
Monitored Natural Attenuation-Plume Stabiltiy Dem (37904)_37904.PDF
10/9/2009McFarland Dworsky
Approval Letter - Dissimilar Soils Report (28067)_28067.PDF
10/10/2008McFarland Dworsky
Dissililar Soils Corr Act - Remedial Act Implemt (28470)_28470.PDF
10/10/2008McFarland Dworsky
Summ of Reqstd Dioxin - Furan GW Sampling Results (28469)_28469.PDF
5/12/2008McFarland Dworsky
Dissimilar Soils Corr Action - Remedial Action Rpt (28467)_28467.PDF
4/9/2008McFarland Dworsky
Memo - Corrective Action Report Comments (28074)_28074.PDF
10/17/2007McFarland Dworsky
Approval Letter - Proposed Dissimilar Soil Investg (28075)_28075.PDF
7/31/2007McFarland Dworsky
Memo - Dissimilar Soils Investigation Work Plan (28076)_28076.PDF
6/28/2007McFarland Dworsky
Approval Letter - CAIR (28077)_28077.PDF
3/7/2007McFarland Dworsky
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